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Get personalized 1-on-1 virtual fitness classes and wellness coaching with fitness expert and wellness coach Patty Haft.

Professional Dancer

Originally a professional dancer from NYC, Patty Haft has taught in New York, Florida, and California throughout her fitness career. Now she is able to share her skills worldwide from her beloved home Hawaii, creating virtual 1-on-1 workouts.

Certified Pilates Fitness Trainer

Certified Pilates Fitness Trainer Patty Haft creates customized workouts for your specific needs based on the targeted technique of Joseph Pilates.

Certified Advanced Senior Fitness Trainer

Certified Advanced Senior Fitness Trainer Patty Haft creates age and ability appropriate 1-on-1 customized workouts.

Certified Wellness Counselor

Certified Wellness Coach Patty Haft will work with you 1-on-1 to help you assess your wellness needs. She will provide you with the tools and motivation to reach your optimum state of wellness.

Reiki Master Healer

Reiki Master Healer Patty Haft incorporates Reiki healing technique into her holistic approach to achieving mental, physical, and emotional well being.


“Pattys fitness program is Fantastic!

My weight has gone from 215 pounds to 180.

My pants size has gone from a bursting 42, to a loose 38, and I can get up from the ground without assistance. I have COPD, yet my lung capacity has increased by 25% and I can now play a full 18 holes of golf which I had not been able to do for two years.

The only thing she hasnt been able to fix is my golf swing.”

Jack, California

“I had my first session with Patty when I was 4 months pregnant and continued well after my delivery.

My Prenatal Sessions strengthened my core to the point where I was stronger than I was pre pregnancy,. Learning how to properly breathe and engage my pelvic muscles allowed me to go through pregnancy without injury, and prepared me well for delivery.

My Postpartum Sessions helped my body bounce back quickly so that I could keep up with my little one.

Im glad I was able to find a fitness routine that could be tailored to fit my needs both for pre and postnatal pregnancy.”

Audrey, Honolulu

“After a couple of bad falls on my dirt bike I was in a lot of pain in my low back.

After doing Patty’s Pilates Fit Zoom Sessions,  I was able to get back to biking and surfing without pain.”

Bob, California

“I love working out with Patty. She is conscientious , and can assess my status then adjust my program during each session. I get an individualized workout without injury, and am playing the best athletically despite my age. Thank you Patty.

Lets keep working out.”

Debbie, Honolulu

After helping me rehab from two painful ankle surgeries, Patty helped propel my career from Ballet to Broadway.

Whether living in NYC, Honolulu, or touring with a show, with Pattys FaceTime One On One Workouts, I am able to stay performance ready, and in top shape.”

Erica, NYC

Thanks to Pattys Virtual Sessions, I have been able to work out with her in nine different locations around the globe.

Having a consistent coach who knows my abilities, and continues to challenge me, has kept me feeling healthy and strong.”

Alison, Germany